StereoBee :
the stereo being

(dernière mise à jour : le 20/04/2003)

Etienne Monneret 


From photo-3D mailing list :

There is really no better way to demonstrate this without seeing the
actual conversions. We can talk and talk and talk and talk about this,
but until we _look_ at it, it means nothing :-)
Open multiple windows and study them side-by-side (for comparisons)
with anaglyph glasses on.

1) No filter
Straight conversion to anaglyph, using the "Color Anaglyph" view in
the Stereoscope Applet (_not_ the "True Color" view!) No colors were
desaturated. Notice the terrible clashing (retinal rivalry due to
different tones in left and right views of the same image) in the blue
picture and frame in the upper left, the smaller cyan "Wings" box
inside the upper right corner of the cigar box (Including the small
yellow portion in that same small box image! More later...!) and the
overall photo in general.

2) Stereoscope
The "True Color" view in the Stereoscope Applet. Look at the blue
picture and frame in the upper left, the smaller cyan "Wings" box.
Better, huh!? I still see a bit of a problem with the small cyan box
and the yellow part of the image.

3) StereoBee
Etienne Monneret's latest StereoBee conversion. Not bad. It looks
very similar to the "True Color" Stereoscope Applet view to me, but
look at the cyan box and the yellow portion of the image. I still see
retinal rivalry.

4) VDub
My "True Color" VirtualDub conversion, using my normal
blue/cyan/green 50% desaturation, then left-image-to-grayscale
conversion... but I am still learning... I added "yellow" to the list
to take care of the yellow in that small cyan box... So, I guess I
need to reword the process a bit... something like, "Desaturate any
noticeable clashing colors by 50%", then the next step is the
left-image-to grayscale conversion, which _equalizes_ all the
colors... everything being equal between the two images before you do
that grayscale conversion. I will go to my VirtualDub page and try to
add that explanation :-)
Notice what happened to the small cyan box??? :-)

P. K. Kid